Motorcycle Accidents

Ventura County Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Even as motorcycle traffic increases throughout the country, form both recreational riders and commuters, the highways and freeways of California remain treacherous terrain for riders of cruisers, sport bikes, and even scooters. Motorcycle accidents are tend to be very serious and are increasing in number as casual riders, recreational riders and commuters exercise their right to share the open roads in Ventura and Los Angeles County. From the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), to the canyons along Mulholland Drive, Rocky Peak, Kanan Road, Fillmore, and Ojai – we know the roads.

Attorney Bill Flahavan focuses on personal injury issues. He represents motorcycle accident and bike accident injury victims who have suffered as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another motorist. It is the responsibility of every driver to be fully aware of their surroundings and when another driver’s lapse in attention or judgment leads to your injury, you can recover compensation for your losses.

Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Lawyers

With decades of experience representing clients in personal injury claims, Attorney Flahavan has seen the results of motorcycle crashes, and knows that whole families can be thrown into chaos because of the one careless decision of an inattentive, negligent or careless driver.

Our law office knows how to deal with insurance companies and litigate in court to pursue maximum compensation following your motorcycle accident. If another driver has resulted in:

Wrongful Death

Catastrophic Injury


Burn Injuries

Fractures/Broken Bones

Head or Spinal Injury

Get Compensation for Injuries and Damages After an Accident

When you or a family member has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, it can carry a financial burden along with physical and emotional ones. You could be facing extended time away from work, diminished earning potential and long term care expenses. Those are the kinds of damages you need to recover from insurance companies and through the legal system, and our experience can help.

Contact Us for Help After a Motorcycle Accident in Ventura or Los Angeles

We provide free initial consultations for motorcycle accident cases, and we can even visit you at the hospital or your home. Additionally, we handle all personal injury matters on a contingency basis. This means you can pursue a complete approach to recovering maximum compensation with the backing of an experienced and client focused lawyer without adding to your financial difficulty. Contact Bill Flahavan at the Westlake Law Group today for your consultation; send Bill an email or call him today at 818-708-7894.