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Help from a Lawyer with Decades of Insurance Company Experience

If you have concerns about your coverage or if you believe your health plan is denying you coverage that you are entitled to receive, Attorney Constance N. Zarkowski can help make a trying experience more tolerable by assisting you and your family in negotiating for the health care you are entitled to receive under your health plan.

Attorney Constance N. Zarkowski has helped people get medical care and treatment when their insurance company has unlawfully denied claims. Ms. Zarkowski has helped people obtain medications when the insurance company argued the medications were not medically necessary. Ms. Zarkowski also provided assistance to clients after their claims for long term disability have been denied by the insurance company. She is able to effectively deal with insurers and employers in part due to her long career in the insurance industry. Attorney Zarkowski is in a very unique position as a lawyer with a long history in the insurance business.

Medical Insurance Bad Faith

An insurance policy is a contract between the policyholder and the insurance company. In exchange for the payment of premiums, the insurance company agrees to:

  • Provide the coverage described in the policy
  • Act fairly and in good faith towards its policyholders
  • Consider the interests of its policyholders equal to its own interests

Denial of Claims and Denial of Benefits

When an insurance company denies the payment of valid claims, unreasonably delays payment, fails to thoroughly investigate an insured’s claim or underpays insurance claims without a good reason, they are said to be acting in bad faith. Medical insurance policies are complex and confusing documents. Insurance companies include numerous terms and conditions that can affect your benefits. Ms. Zarkowski is familiar with the terms and conditions in health insurance policies and how they should be applied. If your claim for medical insurance benefits is denied, she will examine your policy and explore options for securing payment for benefits.

Knowledge of State and Federal Laws

Insurance companies don’t make it easy for you. Small print, jargon, endless paperwork, and multiple levels of service representatives may discourage you from getting what you legally deserve. With a lawyer who understands how laws at several levels may apply to help you in your situation, you can get back on track to having proper health care, including the pavement of money you have spent out of pocket. In fact, the laws are continually changing, and knowing how to deal with the latest COBRA, HIPAA, and health plan provisions makes a big difference in your case.

Find Out More About Fixing Your Health Insurance Problem

If you, or someone you know has problems with their health insurance company, call the Westlake Law Group at 805-379-0035 or contact Ms. Zarkowski directly. The first phone consultation is free, in fact, since our cases are handled on a contingency basis; our clients rarely have to pay any fees at all unless and until their cases are resolved favorably.