Employer Wrongdoing

Employer Wrongdoing

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You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity in your workplace, no matter what your job title or position. Too often, employees are bullied, groped, demeaned, underpaid, passed on for promotions or fired for unlawful reasons. If you have been treated unfairly and unlawfully by your manager, supervisor, boss, company employee, or the business owner – you may need legal representation to make things right.

At Westlake Law Group, our attorneys can help you understand your legal rights as an employee and explore options you may have against your employer for their role in your sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, or employee misclassification as being exempt from overtime (resulting in underpayment or lack of benefits.)

Sexual Harassment – Don’t Suffer

Damages for sexual and employee harassment claims can be high, and employers often deny wrong doing and will even protect harassers instead of doing what is right. An experienced sexual harassment attorney can help you document the occurrences of harassment and the resulting emotional and economic harm. By proving the he guilt of the employer, a lawyer can work to secure a fair compensation for the victim. If you have been sexually harassed on the job, contact Ms. Zarkowski at the Westlake Law Group today.

Skilled Employment Discrimination Attorneys

A victim of employment discrimination and retaliation must file his or her charge with the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). The filing of an FEHA charge is a prerequisite to a lawsuit for discrimination or retaliation. An employee must file a charge of discrimination or retaliation within 1 year of when he or she learned of the adverse employment action or harassment. The law limits the time for filing legal actions. Don’t lose your rights by waiting too long to obtain advice call or email today.

An experienced attorney can advocate for your rights in negotiations with your employer, and in court.

California Wrongful Termination Attorney

If you were illegally fired without just cause, our experienced employee rights attorney will aggressively pursue legal action against your employer. Any legal action against an employer requires a comprehensive understanding of complex state and federal laws. When you are facing a complicated employment dispute, you need trusted and experienced legal service. Our employment attorneys have many years of experience asserting the rights of employees who have suffered wrongful termination.

Wage and Hour Claims, Misclassification

If you believe your employer is liable for deceptive timekeeping practices which result in unpaid wages call our employment attorneys to schedule a free half hour consultation. Mr. Randall Sutter and Mr. Galici handle wage and hour claims involving refusal to provide uninterrupted meal and rest periods and failure to pay minimum wages or overtime.

Other deceptive practices are employee misclassifications. Commonly employees are misclassified as exempt employees rather than nonexempt employees in order for the employer to avoid paying overtime and other wages. In some cases, a business may hire you as a contractor, but treat you as an employee without benefits. Mr. Sutter and Mr. Galici work hard to hold employers accountable for the misclassification of employees and to recover damages owed.

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The law limits the time for filing legal actions. Don’t lose your rights by waiting too long to obtain advice from an employment lawyer. Call the Westlake Law Group at 805-379-0035 or contact Ms. ZarkowskiMr. Galici, or Mr. Sutter directly.