Constance N. Zarkowski, Esq.

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Juris Doctor:

Ventura College of Law 1999

admitted to California State Bar 2000

Central District of California 2001



Constance Zarkowski has owned a health insurance general agency for over 32 years. During that time, and in the 37 years that she has been active in the insurance business, she has worked closely with insurance companies and health plans in order to provide the best possible coverage for individuals and employees.

She has helped design and implement health plans. During her years in the insurance business she has become knowledgeable of the various administrative procedures used by health plans to pay claims and manage care. As an insurance agent and general agent she has effectively worked to solve problems for clients and agents.

Today, new federal and state laws, particularly the Affordable Care Act, have been enacted that require health plans to offer many new benefits; from expanded coverage for previously limited conditions, such as pregnancy and mental illness, to instant coverage for pre-existing conditions when certain requirements are met. Many more new laws are pending. In order to obtain maximum benefits people may need expert help. Constance Zarkowski is the experienced expert.



Constance Zarkowski is a past Legislative Chair of the Ventura County Health Underwriters Association and a current member of the California Health Underwriters Association. She is a past member of the Legislative Council for the National Association of Health Underwriters.

As an advocate for people needing to negotiate the health insurance system, Constance uses her expertise, compassion, and determination to resolve problems without the need for extensive and prolonged litigation.

Constance Zarkowski is a member of the American Bar Association, the California Bar Association, the Ventura County Bar Association, the Los Angeles Bar Association, The American Inns of Court and the American Trial Lawyers Association. She is a certified mediator.

She is a regular guest speaker on the subject of health insurance, health reforms and employee benefits and has taught MCLE and CE course on those subjects.