Attorney Referrals

Our Reputation as a Trusted and Effective Referral Partner

Throughout our many years of legal experience we have forged relationships with attorneys in the local areas, across the state, and throughout the nation. Cases have been brought to Westlake Law Group  by attorneys who realize our resources will allow for the best result possible, especially in areas such as health insurance lawpersonal injury matters and intellectual property where our expertise is second-to-none.

Use Our Skill, Experience, and Resources for a Win-Win Situation

By having us serve as co-counsel or by directly handling your case, you can be assured that the merits of your case are fully explored, the scope of damages are justified, and negotiations with opposing counsel will be direct and productive. In cases where an out of court settlement in not favorable, our litigation skills and familiarities with the court system will be helpful in achieving the best result possible for our client.

Personal Injury Cases – Bill Flavahan

Personal injury cases can range from straightforward negligence or wrongdoing with clear damages to complex matters with multi-party involvement and the need for detailed investigative and academic work. To achieve the maximum compensation for your client it may take more resources, time, or experience than you have. Bill Flavahan has a track record of success and can provide the guidance you need in cases such as:

  • Catastrophic Injuries
  • Wrongful Death
  • Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Product Liability

Employment Law and Health Insurance Law – Constance N. Zarkowski

Intricacies in employment law, health insurance law, and employee benefits require that attorneys understand how to deal with insurance companies and employers and the federal and state laws that may often change. For attorneys unfamiliar with these areas, partnering with an experienced lawyer lessens the burden on their office and helps resolve the case. Don’t let opposing counsel take advantage of your lack of specialized knowledge, work with Westlake Law Group and get ahead in cases involving:

  • Discrimination or Sexual Harassment
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Whistleblower
  • Health Insurance Benefits

Asset Protection – Tamara L. Harper

Navigating entrepreneurs, inventors and small to mid-size companies in the green energy, real estate, bio-tech, restaurant, e-commerce, retail, and service industries to safe harbors through the maze of employment regulations, corporate formation, compliance and commercial leasing, real estate and civil litigation, trademark registration and defense, business sale or acquisition, and investor capitalization, asset protection, business legacy planning, probate matters, estate planning and trust administration. “Helping business entrepreneurs, inventors, and small to mid-size businesses preserve, protect and maximize their wealth and assets and explaining how to never experience the painful process of employment litigation, limit liability exposure, and have peace of mind is my passion.”

Contact Us to Begin Discussing Your Case, Co-counsel, and Referral Fees

Handling your case alone may not be your best option. A settlement or trial judgement that is far beyond what you may have fought for on your own is possible when you have the skill, knowledge, and experience that only a seasoned attorney dedicated to the type of law involved helps with your case. Email or call Bill Flahavan directly for any personal injury matters. For employment law or health insurance law, email or call Ms. Constance Zarkowski directly. For asset protection, business and corporate law, and intellectual property (trademarks and copyright)  email or call Tamara L. Harper. You may also call the Westlake Law Group main number at 805-379-0035, and please mention that you have an attorney referral to discuss with Bill, Constance or Tamara.