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Westlake Law Group 

Westlake Law Group is an affiliation of independently practicing attorneys that provide the most commonly needed legal services from a single location on the border of Ventura and Los Angeles County.

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Our areas of practice

The Westlake Law Group is a consortium of legal practices that offer legal services from one end of the legal spectrum to the other.  We refer among our fellow attorneys within the Westlake Law Group to provide legal counsel for almost any legal matter. The Flahavan Law Office features Kevin and William Flahavan that has literally written the book on personal injury law in the State of California.

Are you setting up a business and looking for Copyright and Trademark protection?  Tamara Harper Esq. can help you with asset protection, estate planning, and other business law matters. Attorney Constance Zarkowski specializes in matters pertaining to Insurance Law and helping those that have been discriminated against, harassed or wrongfully terminated in the workplace.

Rounds and Sutter is the Law Practice of John Rounds and Randall Sutter.  This diverse law office provides legal counsel for Bankruptcy, Consumer Advocacy, Business Law, Employment Law, Real Estate Law and, Automotive Defense.  The Westlake Law Group is proud to offer this wide variety of legal services to meet your every legal need. Please contact us today!


The Westlake Law Group Attorneys


Kevin and William Flahavan


In 1984 William Flahavan wrote The Personal Injury Practice Guide, which has become the preeminent book on how to practice Personal Injury Law in the State of California. Continually updated over the past three decades, this practice guide has been cited in nearly 8000 legal opinions since its inception.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise in personal injury law gives our clients a significant advantage against even the biggest of insurance companies. If you have been injured in an accident, The Flahavan Law Office wants to help you get the settlement you deserve. Our long-standing reputation is one of putting the client’s needs first by providing, personalized, aggressive and effective representation.

As a father and son team, we’ve created a family atmosphere and represent our clients as if they were members of our own family. With our hands-on approach, we have achieved outstanding results for our clients throughout the years. 

Personal Injury Lawyers Turn to Us

William’s book has been called the ‘bible’ for personal injury attorneys. Although websites such as google and yahoo have placed a wealth of knowledge at everyone’s fingertips, The Personal Injury Practice Guide is still the most widely used and authoritative source on the subject of personal injury law in California. It is now available both in print and through Westlaw. In fact, The Practice Guides are considered one of the primary reasons that many attorneys subscribe to Westlaw instead of its competitor, Lexis.


141 Duesenberg Drive Suite 7B
Westlake Village, CA  91362


•  Estate Planning

 Attorney Tamara Harper provides clients with a variety of tools to protect their wealth, including durable powers of attorney, advanced health care directives, wills, trusts, and irrevocable trusts. Properly executed estate planning documents are the foundation of a solid estate plan because they designate how and to whom your property will be distributed after death and have important tax implications.

•  Business Formation and Compliance

Lawyer Tamara Harper brings her unique and combined extensive litigation experience of knowing what can go wrong and what is frequently disputed, to the drafting of business contracts, intellectual property registration and defense, estate and legacy planning, in order to achieve a better scope of liability protection.

•  Trademark Registration and Protection

Intellectual Property-Trademark and Copyright Registration and Prosecution Selection and clearance of trademarks, service marks, and trade names. Counseling about proper trademark use. Filing and prosecution of federal and state trademark registrations. Planning and implementation of foreign trademark protection. Maintenance of trademark portfolios. Policing of adverse use of trademarks on a world-wide basis. Licensing, purchase and sale of trademarks. Administrative litigation involving trademark registration, including Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) matters.

Attorney Constance Zarkowski

141 Duesenberg Dr Suite 7B
Westlake Village, CA  91362


Constance Zarkowski
Attorney At-Law

Peace of mind comes from hiring an Attorney that you know will strongly advocate for you!

If you are experiencing discrimination or harassment at work, or if you have been wrongfully terminated, you need to act quickly to preserve your rights. Attorney Constance Zarkowski specializes in representing employees in these situations.

EMPLOYMENT LAW   Sexual Harassment – Wrongful Termination – Discrimination – Wage and Hour Claims

Constance focuses her law practice on employment issues, particularly sexual harassment in the workplace. Victims of discrimination and harassment need vigorous representation in the face of these deplorable work conditions in order to preserve their financial and emotional health. The law protects against discrimination and timing is essential in order to be able to exercise those rights.

HEALTH INSURANCE LAW   Disability and Health Claim Denials – (Private Health Insurance)

When health or disability claims are denied, it is important to know whether the denial is valid. You can obtain benefits that have been denied. Sometimes a claim denial is simply a routine preliminary procedure. But when it is not, you need experienced health plan assistance to determine your rights. Constance has extensive health insurance experience that enables her to negotiate the system and can often result in a speedy resolution that avoids protracted and expensive litigation.

The Law Office of Constance N. Zarkowski provides a free, half-hour phone consultation to help determine if your rights have been violated.

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Pressures of mounting debt in your personal finances or small business? Struggling to meet your obligations? Bankruptcy may be the legal answer and give the breathing room you need.

Business Law

Rounds & Sutter assist at every stage through the life of a business, formation to acquisition, mergers, succession or dissolution. Accompany you in negotiations, let us help you structure or formalize your deal, artfully exit from a deal or merely provide requested legal details.

Consumer Advocacy

Save Your Home/Assets/Wages. Protect Your Future. Call Rounds & Sutter to know Your Options. Lien stripping and Debt Settlement will reduce your debt and preserve your assets.

Real Estate Law

Buyer Offers & Seller Listings; Counter’s and Negotiations, often at no out-of-pocket cost; Personalized MLS services to accomplish your dreams;  Attorney Rounds also CA Real Estate Broker 01239913; Escrow, Title and Loan Navigation; Legal resolution of buyer/seller and agent or broker disputes; Easements, Appraisals, Metes & Bounds, construction, Zoning issues.

Employment Law

Wage & Hour Disputes and Irregularities; Discrimination and Harassment; Regulation of Employees and Employers. Contact and rely on Attorney       Sutter’s experience to guide and care for your claim.

Automotive Defense

License at Risk? State’s Attorney General’s Office served Complaint? 30 Days or less to respond and keep your shop open? Star Certification on the line, as well as 50% of your livelihood? Rounds & Sutter Attorneys have completed thousands of Administrative Law Hearings. Let us help you stay in business!

   John K. Rounds Esq.  Randall V. Sutter Esq.

• 40 Years Experience   •  Thousands of Hearings
•  Vast and Varied Cases with Dynamic Solutions

Founding partners John Rounds and Randall Sutter bring a combined 40 years of legal experience. Thousands of hearings and a vast array of cases with successful results have shaped their practice and shared philosophy. A dedication to help people in need. Rounds and Sutter Attorneys have helped thousands with their legal matters of Real Estate Law, Business Law, Bankruptcy Law, Automotive Defense, Consumer Advocacy and Employment Law.




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